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With lockdown possibly coming to an end, as an instructor you may want to add a new class to your gym's schedule, or your own portfolio of classes. Fitness, and particularly group exercise sessions, will be something that many people will be looking for after the lockdown, and our new class Pow A may be a way of introducing even more people to your classes.
Developed during the lockdown, Pow A is a hybrid class featuring the best of Aerobic style sessions and HIIT training.
The 20 minute session is easy to follow, adaptable for most exercise levels, and is exciting and motivating.
You will need an ETM qualification, or equivalent, to attend a training day, but in 6 hours you will be ready to deliver your first Pow A class.
If you think you would be interested in attending a live or online training session, get in touch today.
There is no monthly licence payable, once you have learned the format you are good to go, and our trainers will give you everything you need to know to set your new class up.
A one off fee at an introductory offer of £75 will secure your place, so get on board now and get ready to offer a brand new session to your clients after lockdown.
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For further information get in touch today. You can also connect through Instagram (Studiofitnessteam} and Facebook (The Studio Fitness Boutique).