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You can enroll online to take part in our incredible healthy eating and exercise plan.

Hundreds of clients have lost stones in weight, and changed the way they feel about food and exercise.

Our food specialist Nicky, works full time in the food industry, and has devised this amazing and easy to follow program that will completely change the way your body processes food.

There are no pills, gimmicky shakes or miracle answers, just hard science and determination.

The initial four week challenge provides you with a Reboot and Cleanse week, followed by your personal eating plans.

You provide us with your details, then we take you on a journey of weight loss, fitness and well being.

On the online program, you also receive weekly feedback from Nicky herself, as she guides you through your challenge.

The initial program, Cleanse, reboot, eating plans, exercise advice and feedback is only £35.
Enrol Here 

If you think you can complete the Challenge and change your Lifestyle forever, get in touch now.