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It's been a busy year for the Studio, we had a great 2016 despite a Summer that seemed to go on for a long time, but without the good weather. Although our general class numbers dropped slightly, especially in the classes outside the Studio, we saw huge rises in our morning sessions and our Pilates classes .
Membership has remained more or less the same, and our retention has once again been excellent.
Members we did lose were balanced by new members, and it would appear that we have managed to keep the majority of our beloved clients happy.
Next year we will be hoping to expand the Pilates side of the Studio, and we hope to have big news in this field soon.
We can only keep trying to provide our customers with high quality fitness sessions that will keep our heads above water for another year.
In the meantime if you have found the link to this short blog, can I urge you to keep bringing your friends to the classes, and encourage them to take a membership out.
We also have a Facebook page that is run by a friend of the Studio, so if it's easier, point them to that for info, it's under The Studio Fitness Boutique.
Thanks to all our members and pay as you go clients for a great year,, without you supporting classes we would really just be an empty hall, so keep the good work up in 2017.
Remember Louie still writes his weekly column in the Irvine Herald,Ayrshire Post and Kilmarnock Standard supplements, and the occasional magazine feature for The Daily Record.
Please return to the blog every couple of weeks to stay up to date with everyone here.
see you in 2017